Zonation Spatial Priority Ranking for Conservation and Land-Use Planning



Quick Introduction to Zonation (PDF)

Running a Zonation Planning Project (PDF)

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Zonation leaflet

Zonation 4 is now available for download, we strongly recommend users to upgrade from previous (3.1.x) versions.

Zonation is a conservation planning framework and software. It produces a hierarchical prioritization of the landscape based on the occurrence levels of biodiversity features in sites (cells) by iteratively removing the least valuable remaining cell while accounting for connectivity and generalized complementarity. The output of Zonation can be imported into GIS software to create maps or for further analysis. Zonation v. 4.0 can process very large data sets containing up to ~50 million grid cells with effective data.

Zonation identifies areas important for retaining habitat quality and connectivity for multiple species, indirectly aiming at species’ long-term persistence. The computational strategy of Zonation can be characterized as maximal retention of weighted, range size normalized (rarity corrected) richness. Zonation produces a complementarity-based priority ranking.